• Market monitoring 

JGSA’s aggressive marketing team uses a database to achieve targets set by principals. The information system allows the company to stay ahead by analyzing performance rates and accurately adjusting marketing strategies and sales policies.


  •  Customer Service 

JGSA has a specialized division that caters to the requests of both import and export customers. The company focuses on bringing opportunity to its customers by utilizing its extensive equipment and resources, playing an integral role in assisting customers find the best means to ship their cargo .For importers, the company is in constant contact with its clients regarding their cargo, arrival time, and swift delivery. For exporters, every possible effort is made to dispatch cargo promptly, and clients are informed regularly of the progress.


  • Canvassing 

JGSA’s dedicated sales team constantly achieves superior market penetration. The company’s computerized follow-up system always produces positive results. It ensures clear inter-department flow of information and faster service to its principals.


  • Forwarding 

JGSA aims to provide the highest quality freight forwarding services to its customers by being proactive and continually improving its levels of service. By Culture, JGSA promotes equal opportunity and investment in staff training, to ensure that business standards and systems integrate with customers' expectations to provide a seamless service designed to meet their requirements.


  • Road Transportation (pre carriage/on-carriage): 

Road transportation services provided to rented vehicles guaranteeing efficient door-to-door service throughout Jordan and the neighboring countries mainly to all Iraqi and Syrian destinations.